Finalists selected for service systems engineering award

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Service Enterprise Engineering (SEE 360) in Penn State’s Harold and Inge Marcus Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, partnered with the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), has chosen four finalists for the Outstanding Innovation in Service Systems Engineering Award…..….Read more

SEE360 Seeks Applicants for Assistant Teaching Professor Position

The Harold and Inge Marcus Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University is delighted to announce the search for a multi-year fixed term non-tenure-track faculty position of three years. Outstanding candidates may also be considered for…..….Read more

Outstanding Innovation in Service Systems Engineering Award Competition

Get recognized for your achievements in the application of Industrial and  Systems engineering principles to address real process problems. Apply to the Outstanding Innovation in Service Systems Engineering Award competition today!….….Read more

Industrial engineering alumnus improves business-customer relations

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State industrial engineering alumnus Indraneel Fuke found a way to combine his engineering and entrepreneurial skills to offer unparalleled solutions for sales, marketing and customer service management for the banking, financial services, insurance and education sectors of the Asia Pacific market…..….Read more

New gift will revolutionize service enterprise engineering for new opportunities

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Charles R. Schneider and Penn State are partnering on a nearly $9 million investment to greatly expand the College of Engineering’s focus on improving processes and efficiencies across the service sector of the economy, a field known as service enterprise engineering….….Read more

Penn State partners to recognize innovation in service systems engineering

At its May 18-21 conference and expo in Orlando, Florida, the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) partnered with Penn State to recognize the innovative techniques organizations are using to improve the performance of service industries…….Read more

Industrial Engineering alumnus shapes the landscape of attraction industry

IWorking on something as monumental as the Apollo spacecraft would be the peak of almost anyone’s career, but for Penn State alumnus Jim Benedick, it was only the beginning. With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, he has worked for companies and on projects that most could only dream of..….Read more

First SEE minor student eyes graduation in December

In December 2019, Pawornwan “Bam” Thongmak will become the first industrial engineering student to graduate from Penn State with the service enterprise engineering (SEE360) minor. Thongmak is sponsored by the Royal Thai Government to study industrial engineering at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She plans to pursue a Ph.D. after completing her undergraduate studies in December.….Read more

Service enterprise engineering sponsors two upcoming poster competitions 

SEE 360 is sponsoring two service engineering competitions this semester with cash prizes being awarded to first and second place finishers. All full-time graduate and PhD industrial engineering students at Penn State are invited to enter the Service Enterprise Engineering Competition. This is an opportunity for students to showcase their engineering applications in service industries through poster presentations….Read more

Industrial engineering professor  teaches students to balance learning and earning 

For a company to operate at optimal levels, it must first understand how to balance its learning and its earning. A company must learn how the market reacts when it conducts business in certain ways, but the company cannot risk being unprofitable during this learning period. This is a dilemma that many businesses face while striving for optimal performance. And, it is a dilemma that Penn State industrial engineering (IE) graduates are well equipped to resolve.…..Read more

Industrial engineering alumna starts enterprises in travel and hospitality services

Entrepreneur, world-traveler, business woman, engineer: these are all words that can be used to describe Maneesha Panicker. An alumna of Penn State, Panicker earned her master’s degree in industrial engineering in 2004….Read more

Improving the fan experience at Beaver Stadium

Fans could soon see much shorter lines at Penn State football games. Service Enterprise Engineering (SEE 360) and Beaver Stadium have worked with one another for over a year now, leading to two capstone projects that occurred this past fall semester…..Read more

Digitizing health care services

As the world continues its rapid transformation into the digital age, thinkers who can convert big data into knowledge are essential to maneuvering strategically in many sectors. This is particularly true when looking at complex systems, where a non-linear structure makes prediction and modeling of the systems difficult…..Read more

Opening doors for engineering students and the service industry

Penn State alumnus Charles Schneider has gifted $1 million to the Harold and Inge Marcus Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering’s Service Enterprise Engineering Initiative (SEE 360) to endow the Charles and Enid Schneider Scholarship in Service Enterprise Engineering…..Read more

Overdose deaths could increase with ‘changing nature’ of opioid epidemic

Current interventions to limit prescription opioid misuse are not enough to address the larger, looming problem of illicit opioids in the United States according to a study published in JAMA Network Open, a multi-institute research team. The researchers developed a dynamic systems model to project opioid overdose death trends from 2016 to 2025 and found that, even under the strictest scenarios, overdose deaths will continue to rise…..Read more

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