Service Enterprise Engineering Minor 

Most applicable for students in industrial engineering, health policy administration, and human development and family studies, the Service Enterprise Engineering minor gives students the ability to apply industrial engineering techniques to process in supply chain management, hospitals, nonprofit organizations, retailers, banks, financial institutions, airlines, and more.

Industrial engineering students have taken service enterprise engineering skills they have learned in the classroom one step further by working to improve service at Penn State’s Berkey Creamery, the Beaver stadium and snow removal operations on the Penn State campus.


Service Enterprise Engineering is the study, design, and implementation of new systems that improve the processes and efficiencies of the service sector, in which 80 percent of the U.S. workforce is employed. The minor answers a critical need for operational expertise in health care and human service fields. Students completing this minor will gain an understanding of applying industrial engineering and operations research tools for modeling, analysis, design, and control of service enterprise.

More than 60 percent of graduateed industrial engineering students have started their careers in the service sector. Industries that have hired these individuals include consulting, retailing, supply chain, logistics, distribution, transportation, government, entertainment, financial analyst, revenue management, and health care services.



The minor requires 18 credits of coursework as follows:

Prescribed courses:

  • IE 460: Service Systems Engineering
  • IE 478: Retail Service Engineering

Select six credits from:

  • IE 302, IE 322, IE 323, IE 330, IE 402, IE 405 or MATH 484, IE 424, IE 467, IE 468, and IE 480 WAC.

Select six credits from:

  • HPA 332, HPA 433, HPA 442, HPA 475, HDFS 311, and HDFS 455

NOTE: All course descriptions can be found in LionPATH. 


Entrance to minor

Students can register for the Service Enterprise Engineering minor through LionPATH.

CONTACT: Vittal Prabhu oversees the Service Enterprise Engineering minor. For more information, contact him at

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