Workshop in Energy-Aware Operations in Manufacturing and Service Enterprises (2014)

In September 2014, with support provided by the National Science Foundation, the Pennsylvania State University’s Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering hosted a one and a half day workshop in Philadelphia, PA.

The workshop in Service Engineering: Energy Aware Operations in Manufacturing and Service Enterprises, also known as BeWiSE, focused on identifying future directions and research needs in merging areas including, building operations, logistics operations, grid operations, and factory operations. 

Dr. Vittal Prabhu and Dr. Paul Griffen were Co-Chairs helping to organize the workshop. Featured speakers included Mr. Richard K. Bank, Dr. Michael Caramanis, Mr. Issac Chan, Dr. Qing (Cindy) Chang and many other leaders from academia, government and industry were invited to contribute through keynote addresses and by serving as panelists. 

Day 1: Tuesday, September 16, 2014

1. Introduction to the workshop – Dr. Vittaldas Prabhu

2. Energy-Aware Building Operations – Dr. Martha Krebs

3. Building Operation Challenges and Opportunities: Automated Fault Detection and Diagnosis for AHU-VAV Systems – Dr.Wen


4. Penn State University Building Operations – Steve Maruszewski

5. Building Operations Panel Q & A – Dr. Martha Krebs, Dr. Jin Wen, and Steve Maruszewski

6. Keynote Address: Energy-Aware Logistics Operations – Dr. Chip White

7. The Larson Institute – Dr. Martin Pietrucha

8. Sustainable Supply Chain Foundation – Richard Bank

9.  Logistics Operations Panel Q & A – Dr. Chip White, Dr. Martin Pietrucha and Richard Bank

Day 2: Wednesday, September 17, 2014

1. Keynote Address: Energy-Aware Grid Operations – Dr. Benjamin Hobbs

2. Dr. Frank Felder, Rutgers University

3. Electric Distribution System Evolution – Dr. Scott Englander


4.  Demand Response Opportunities in PJM

5. Grid Operations Panel Q & A – Dr. Benjamin Hobbs, Dr. Frank Felder, Dr. Scott Englander and Adrien Ford

6.  Keynote Address: Energy-Aware Factory Operations – Dr. Yan Lu

7. Integrated Modelling of Production Process and Facility HVAC – Dr. Cindy Chang

8. Isaac Chan – Department of Energy

9. Energy-Aware Operations Planning – Dr. Mehmat Yildirim

10. Power Market Reform for Smart Grid – Dr. Micheal Caramanis

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